No need to change a thing in this recipe. I make them large and they go so crispy on the outside and soft and chewy in the middle! So keen to try your choc chip cookies with my boys on this rainy, windy, summer's day! i have made them time and time again! They are so delicious! they weren't chewy. Taste like subway cookies! Plus create your own recipe book and upload and show off your own amazing creations. Melt the butter in a saucepan over a medium heat. Is this usual? It tastes amazing, best cookie ever! These are incredible, soft pillowy clouds of yum. A soft, very slightly under-baked cookie is the best for a delicious fudgy texture! Had to put them back in oven for a few more minutes. The trick that I use is to put the dough balls back in the fridge for a few minutes before baking them into cookies. Highly recommend!! Please be assured that this recipe has been tested thoroughly. How flat they go will depend on how warm the butter in the mixture is – the colder it is, the rounder Chelsea Sugar: I left mine in the oven for 20mins~ and they were perfect (half quantity). :), mine turned out amazing! Also makes a big batch. I would recommend doing exactly what they say with the melted butter and sugars at the start but enjoy making the cookies. DO NOT TRY unless you want to fall in love?? Is perfect! Our go-to Chocolate Chip Biscuits recipe – popular with kids and their parents! Thanks, I made these for kindy and it made 20 perfect kid sized ones :). They are so good and I love eating the cookie dough. I flattened it slightly before baking. They are great cookies. You're only meant to soften there butter then 'cream' the sugars into the mix. Amazing! chewy chocolate chip cookies. Blend the flour, baking powder, soda and salt together well. ;p, I love these cookies! So beautiful. The cookies dont last in our household....gonna put m&m's in today's batch as well.... i love your recipe but you need to explain it more and make it more understandable, I loved the cookies they were just perfect in every way, they weren’t to gooey but they weren’t to crunchy, great recipe and really easy to make. 1 of 1,000 prizes of 2 x 2018 Chelsea Recipe Calendars, Full competition details and T&Cs at Cut into 15 pieces while still frozen and bake. It might be best to select a biscuit recipe that uses self raising flour. Really good recipe! This is the best biscuits ever I would never use any other recipe. My daughter made these for us when we visited her this week and they were absolutely delicious. For everyone who has to add extra flour because their mixtures are too gooey. Yummy! I loved these cookies. These are the best cookies I’ve made! All in all, they were crap. My cookies did not turn out like the picture at all. Very easy chewy and delicious, grandchildren love them! They are so yummy. Chelsea your Chocolate Chip Cookies are the bomb ... this is the second batch in 3 days Nice job uploading a random picture of cookies and pretending you made them, they look yum and i dont cear if i get fat because its worth it, Good recipe but took longer than expected in oven & made 35 instead of 30 cookies (not mad about that though), these cookies r so partrishish (means awesome in patrisha languge) and no i am definitely not a 11 yr old : ), They were astoltly scummy but could of been beterr, I made cookie dough with the recipe for the cookies, I LOVED this recipe and I own my own baking company called sweet treats and I am very picky about the food I make and my kids LOVED this recipe! CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, it sounds like you might need to adjust the baking time a little (slightly longer if they are too soft, or a little less if they are too crunchy). They are very good with milk and a perfect snack for school lunches. But the biscuits are certainly not chewy! I would like to thank all my fellow USA friends for inspiring me to make this beautiful American dish XOXO Josie. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Very delicious biscuits. they are the bomb try it out guys, So easy, soft and chewy. You guys always have awesome recipes! so easy to make and taste great :), so amazingly gooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely delicious!!! Best chocolate chip cookies I have ever baked!! If desired, press a few additional chocolate chips into the tops of the cookies. This recipe is great. Kind of crunchy in my opinion also quite sweet compared to other recipes but its nice. I made these into a slice, instead of biscuits and it came out really well. Probably the best chocolate chip cookie recipe I’ve ever used. BEWARE: the cook time is too short I would make them again!!! I flattened them out a lot like subway cookies (so good). These are the best chocolate chippie biscuits that I have ever made. Also not chewy but cakey, This recipe did not match my expectations,
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