The Fulcrum is the turning point in sport-kite design, bringing together the worlds of quad-line and advanced dual-line kites like never before. line 1. Fulcrum Acoustic FL283T Line Array Selected for Multi-Level Church. Fulcrum Air’s Heavy Lift UAV and Line Fly installing Bird Flight Diverters on a 144kV Power Line. The Fulcrum is beautifully designed as a progressive high-performance sport-kite that redefines the experience of dual, trick, team and quad-line flying. retentively synonyms, retentively pronunciation, retentively translation, English dictionary definition of retentively. - oś obrotu Fulcrum Line • An imaginary line around which a partial denture tends to rotate- GPT • This is a line joining the two posterior most rests 45. A short story from the … Define retentively. However, in medical terminology, the arm refers to the upper extremity extending from the shoulder only to the elbow. Also called paradoxic incontinence . With Islam being one of the fastest growing major religions in the world, the share of the global Muslim population is expected to increase 25 percent by 2030. Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) fulcrum line,retentive. See line of scrimmage b. … The Anal-Retentive Line Editor book. What are synonyms for retentive? Line. Bezpłatna dostawa od 170,00 zł. It is called a line because, when plotted on a graph, it looks like a roughly horizontal line. A line segment lies between any two points on a line b. a set of points (x, y) that satisfies the equation y = mx + c, where m is the gradient and c is the intercept with the y-axis 2. American football a. Synonyms for fulcrum line in Free Thesaurus. FULCRUM. retentive fulcrum line: An imaginary line connecting the retentive points of clasp arms on retaining teeth adjacent to mucosa-borne denture bases, an imaginary line connecting the retentive points of clasp arms, around which line the denture tends to rotate when subjected to forces such as the pull of sticky foods. Retention The number of units allocated to an underwriting syndicate member less the units held back by the syndicate manager for facilitating institutional sales and for allocation to nonmember firms. retention line retention point retention polyp retention suture retention vomiting retentional retentions: retentive retentive circumferential clasp arm retentive fulcrum line retentively retentiveness retentivenesses (current term) retentives retentivities retentivity retentor: retentors reteplase retepore retepores retes … English Spanish online dictionary Tureng, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options. Rests anterior to the retentive fulcrum line, with their minor connector, provide indirect retention, (2) the retentive clasp arm provides retention and sometimes some bracing, (3) the reciprocal component may be a clasp arm, minor connector or plate and serves the function of reciprocation, bracing, and … It includes dual 8-inch horn-loaded woofers and three 1.4-inch compression drivers in a compact enclosure. Illustration about Retentive bandage icon blue outline style isolated vector illustration. Related to fulcrum line: retentive fulcrum line. Figure 7-1 A, Line drawn through the illustration represents 180 degrees of greatest circumference of abutment from the occlusal rest. retentive fulcrum line; Look at other dictionaries: Arm — In popular usage, the arm extends from the shoulder to the hand. 1. Synonyms for retentive in Free Thesaurus. FulcrumAIR E2500 RPAS (00:01:36) The unique double stacked rotor E2500 RPAS, designed by FulcrumAIR, is shown during flight, carrying a thermal and RGB payload in combination. (05 Mar 2000) Having the quality, power, or capacity of retaining. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. Urine dribbles out with a sense of urgency, or uncontrollable intermittent leakage occurs. some bracing. Fulcrum designs wheels and components for road bikes, mountain bikes, cyclocross and triathlon bikes, offering unique technologies to guarantee the best performances Antonyms for retentive. Maths a. any straight one-dimensional geometrical element whose identity is determined by two points. fulcrum line - tłumaczenie na polski oraz definicja. retentive retentivo anally retentive controlador retentive Mathematics A geometric figure formed by a point moving along a … Request a free demo today. At 1.7 billion people, the global Muslim population represents over 23 percent of the world population. Interpretation  2. The arm is thus distinguished in medical usage from the forearm … Fulcrum road bike wheels are chosen by great champions and designed with innovatine technologies and ultralight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber Medical dictionary. Indirect retainer • Part of a removable partial denture which assists the direct retainers in preventing displacement of the distal extension denture bases by functioning through lever … The location of the fulcrum line retentive undercuts and potential for indirect from AA 1 Words similar to retentive: retentively, retentiveness, more... Search for retentive on Google or Wikipedia. adj. Their new church is … Unless portions of the lingual reciprocal arm and the retentive buccal arm are extended beyond the line, the clasp would not accomplish its intended purpose. Illustration of protection, hospital, health - 98004772 Medical dictionary. FULCRUM zapadki, FULCRUM Red Metal 3 Disc szprychy, FULCRUM Racing 0 CL/Racing 1 2WF '10 szprychy. A line means that the security is unlikely to see any rapid fluctuation in price. n. 1. retention in the Scots law of contract, the right for A not to pay money due to B under a contract until damages due by B to A under the … retention with overflow: Etymology: L, retinere, to hold; AS, ofer + flowan a complication of bladder outlet obstruction in which the bladder is full but is not emptied completely. Fulcrum definition, the support, or point of rest, on which a lever turns in moving a body. fulcrum line synonyms, fulcrum line pronunciation, fulcrum line translation, English dictionary definition of fulcrum line. fulcrum line stabilizing an imaginary line connecting occlusal rests, around which a denture will rotate under masticatory forces. 3 synonyms for retentive: recollective, tenacious, long. 1. Fulcrum's low-code platform streamlines mobile data collection, automates workflows, and provides data-driven insights. Disclaimer. See more. In the context of construction contracts, an amount retained from construction contract payments (5-15% of the contract price) to … All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. 3 INDIRECT RETAINRERS DEFINITION It is a part of a RPD which assists the direct retainers in preventing the displacement of distal extension denture bases by functioning through lever action on the opposite side of the fulcrum line (GPT) FUNCTIONS OF INDIRECT RETAINER 1) Primary function It shifts the fulcrum line … Search completed in 0.024 seconds. Antonyms for fulcrum line. Heritage Apostolic Church in Holly Springs, Mississippi. fulcrum line an axis that extends from one abutment tooth to another, about which a partial denture can rotate during function.
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