I have been a Grado user for years, moved to the Beyer sound, but I really like rock through the 650s. This and its siblings have now been joined by two open-back designs, the SRH1440 and the SRH1840, the latter of which is reviewed here. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Thanks, still think 650 would be better for me because I want laid back and polite headphones. Bass is a little lacking, but they will accurately reproduce the detail in … I think this kind of thing is hard to decide especially without a reference point. Equipment ... headphones sennheiser-hd-600 sennheiser-hd-650-headphones shure-srh1440-professional-open-back-headphones shure-srh1840-headphones; 1; 2; 3; Next. Comparison winner. HD 650 vs shure SRH1440 Home. Sennheiser HD 650. I have extensively reviewed the 1840 and 1440. Why is Sennheiser HD 600 better than Shure SRH1840? I have a large repertoire of 70's and 80's rock including hard, psychodelic, and every thing in between and the 1440 does those particular genres well. HD558 vs HD600 vs DT880 vs ? Sennheiser HD 600 Shop now at Amazon. The Sennheiser HD600 series of headphones are the standard in open back headphones. There are but three things in this life: God, family, and headphones. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I've seen it said 1840 sound similar to HD600 but more detailed high end and I've seen it said that 1440 sound brighter than 1840. The biggest difference between the is the midrange which is more forward in the 1440. Before we get into why, grab a snack, sit back and relax because.. You’ve come to the right place! You must log in or register to reply here. You must log in or register to reply here. Shure SRH1840 $ 299. They supposedly retail for £406, but can be had for under £250, just like the AKG Q701. The 650 in caparison would sound a bit to dark and laid back in my opinion. Sennheiser HD 600 vs Shure SRH1840. Back to Product List. Extremely light alumi Dekoni’s pads are a little deeper than the stock pads opening up the sound stage, and the slow rebound memory foam helps alleviate clamp force from any user, even when wearing glasses. Discussion Starter • #1 • Nov 2, 2015. Sennheiser HD 600. I hope my guess is wrong. Add at least two items to compare. Shure SRH1840 Shop now at Amazon. Try before you buy if you can. It is apparent that the headband is new. I have owned the HD600 and currently own the the 1440 and have auditioned the 650 several times. Print Email. The Shure SRH 440 are good-sounding headphones with a durable but plasticky design. Sennheiser is one of the leading brands when it comes to headphones, and HD 650, as well as HD 600, justify its position as one of the leaders in this segment. 2 editorial reviews. They got rid of the iconic kitchentop pattern. In this article we put head to head Shure SRH1440 and Sennheiser HD650 specfications and features.When compared toSennheiser HD650, the Shure SRH1440 hasalmost similar Fequency Range,almost similar Sensitivity,almost similar Audio Quality,we detail our comparison below. The HD650 offers a warmer and more relaxed overall sound. 37 points. When it comes to mid-fi headphones, Sennheiser always gets a good rep – and with good reason. While the HD660s is no longer a new headphone, within the context of its predecessor's longstanding history, the HD660s' tenure as Sennheiser's higher-end version of this type of headphone has just begun. All rights reserved. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It tends to smooth over the rough edges in music, like sandpaper to wood. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. The 1440 seems like a winner for bass heavy party music but which headphone do you think is better for rock meaning in which headphone does the guitar, drums, and vocals sound better, clearer, and more "alive"? Sales & Expert advice 800.606.6969 or 212.444.6615. The Sennheiser HD660sis the successor to the much loved HD650, which is now being produced by Drop.com as the HD6XX. I like the clean treble of Sennheiser HD 600. First of all, there is no mistaking that Shure tuned their new open-back headphones for the music listening crowd. The HD600's and HD650's are great, even with a modest DAC/Amp combo. The particular mid-range headphone club the Shure SRH1440 are part of is a strange one. Sennheiser has released a new version of HD600. Home >> Lenovo T440 >> JRiver MC 24 >> S.M.S.L M200/FiiO Q5s >> NAD M3 >> Klipsch HP-3/Pioneer SE Monitor 5/Edition X V2. The 1440 seems like a more exciting headphone while the HD 650 seems to have  a more refined sound. They both open back and more or less in the same price range (HD 650 is $423 in amazon) so I wanted to see how both compare. The sound likely hasn't changed, fingers crossed. I owned my HD600 for several months and while I liked it, never felt fully connected to my music the 1440 on the other hand much more alive to me from vocals, to guitars, to drum kits. By Marea Harris Leave a Comment. Sort: Clear All. Sennheiser HD 600. Shure SRH1440. Comparison winner. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. © 2001-2020 Head-Fi.org. The general consensus has so far been that the HD660s improves upon the HD650, however its main detractor is that it's more than twice the price of the version produced by Drop… i dont think this comparison has been made before. shure-srh1440-professional-open-back-headphones, Yuja Wang - Scriabin, Selections for Solo Piano, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKo2FvzssLI. I got a chance to test out Pioneer HRM-7, Shure SRH940, Bayer DT990 pro, KRK 8400 and others and liked the Pioneer HRM-7 the best. Joined Jun 9, 2015 Messages 250 Reaction score 30. Go. vs. vs. 16 facts in comparison. Available colors: Editiorial reviews: 4.1 / 5. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. So you're greatly appreciated. Sound. Its computer-optimised magnet system geometry helps to dramatically reduce harmonic and intermodulation distortion. Does anyone have a comment on the topic and can compare the two? I would say it's best to go for the HD 800 S if you have the budget since it's a Shure SRH 1840 on steriods. Home > Headphones comparison > Sennheiser HD 600 vs Shure SRH1840. The Sennheiser HD600 deliver a good, well-balanced frequency response. Browse this ... Shure SRH1440 Shure SRH1540 ... Browse all Sennheiser headphone spares. After listening to a wide range of headphones, it seems the neutral Shure SRH 1840 was the clear winner for me. Post #5 of 5 GloriousLettuce 100+ Head-Fier. Mar 27, 2017 at 4:03 PM. Vastly different than the closed-back SRH840 and SRH940, the open-backs takes a more musical stance, something that reminds me of Sennheiser’s HD600/650’s sound. Headphones, Wireless Headphones, Headsets, Microphones - Business Communications - Service & Support - Sennheiser Discover True Sound - Top-quality products and tailor made solutions for every aspect of recording, transmission, and reproduction of sound. Obviously Shure was building the SRH-940 to be a monitoring headphone, and in that sense I think the SRH-940 is a much better product than the SRH-840. 42 points. I find the 650 sound very appealing and truthfully, I really didn't think I would based on all the people calling them dark and laid back, which perhaps they are, but if so, then it is a great sound signature. Forums. I would say it's bt to go for the HD 800 S if you have the budget since it's a Shure SRH 1840 on steriods. © 2001-2020 Head-Fi.org. 4.3 / 5. None of the pictures in the page show the right grill, which suggests it might have Sennheiser logo embedded like the HD660S. 46 points. Sennheiser HD 650. All rights reserved. I have my DT 880s if I need a little more fine detailing around the edges. The SRH1840s are the most costly 'phones in Shure's range, with a price tag considerably higher than AKG's K702, Beyer's DT990 or Sennheiser's HD650, though they are more affordable than Sennheiser's flagship HD800. I'm interested in that comparison too because in Canada HD650 are $523.99 at amazon but 1440 are only $400.00. Technical Features The HD 600 features high-quality, open mesh earpiece covers for an extremely transparent sound. Legendary Shure durability withstands the rigors of everyday use; Includes additional pair of velour ear pads, two detachable cables, threaded ¼” ... SRH1440 SRH1440 Professional Open Back Headphones. http://www.head-fi.org/t/634201/battle-of-the-flagships-58-headphones-compared-update-audeze-lcd-2-revision-2-6-4-13. The only headphones I didn't get to listen to were the HD-800. 42 points. Instruments and vocals are clear and crisp, and the open design gives these headphones a spacious soundstage. Live Chat. Any stores near or close enough to travel to that might carry at least one of the headphones? Sennheiser HD650 vs HD700 Comparison Review from Audio46.com. Not necessarily in that order. So will take a shot at this. Headphone reviews, news, buying guides and more. ! I suspect 1440 might be too bright for my taste though and the 650 sound is what I really want.
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