And that means that when you’re in the game wearing these bad boys, you get to know exactly where your enemy is hiding, as well as which direction you need to go to find them. Below, you will find a headset that will work for you no matter what type of system you’re working with, or what the size of your budget might be. This microphone has great noise-canceling features combined with sensitivity. It’s certainly very clean and high-fidelity, which is exactly what you need for most singing performances that involve these mics or for speeches, etc. They’re useful for film and TV or for military personnel, for musicians or for YouTubers, etc. First of all, with the Slipstream Wireless technology, you’re going to connect at speeds that used to be unattainable. Shop for headset microphone wireless system at Best Buy. When you’re ready to take the leap and immerse yourself into your game or your work ( or both if you’re very lucky) like never before, all you need to do is keep reading. But this premium product takes it a step further, as you can use them with your mobile devices as well through the Bluetooth earbud phone connector. This headset microphone from Shure complies to its strict quality benchmarks, offering audio quality comparable to handheld models. With a price point at right around $100, the LS41 sports many of the same features as our top selections, and LucidSound designed it to work with many platforms, including gaming consoles, PC, and Mac. Enter headset microphones! However, the headset will still work, you just have to keep it plugged in. All you need to know about wireless microphones. As a performer or educator, the last thing you want is a series of microphone wires limiting your movement. Sennheiser has been amongst the top rank of microphone... Audio-Technica … The sports mesh ear pads in combination with the durable and lightweight frame are ideal for anyone who loves a super-long session. This wireless gaming headset is everything you're going to need to communicate and stream while you're gaming on any PC or Mac. These headphones also include proprietary S1 speaker drivers. Shure GLXD14R Advanced Wireless System with MX153 Headworn... financing* Limited Time. Wireless headset microphones … You’ll either need a USB interface to use it or a microphone preamp for amplification. Leaning up or down to a microphone isn’t good for your posture and these microphones allow musicians to circumvent this risk. Headset microphones are designed with a natural frequency response that suits the human voice. This model also has a maximum range of 350 feet, but it features a noise-canceling … A headset microphone’s main attraction is that they allow the user to have both hands free. Simply switch out the dead battery for the one on the charger, and you’re good to go. This microphone is similar to the previous Audio-Technica – it’s a standalone mic. With over 20 years of experience specializing in office telephone headsets, here's a list of our top recommended headsets for the best wireless microphone headset. On top of that, you can easily keep an eye on your charge level with your Logitech GHUB app. That speed is fast enough to deliver sound on par with our top choice. For over-ear headphones that block out ambient noise, we like the Plantronics Binaural Wireless Headset System. For singing, this criterion is quite demanding – you need crystal quality without interference or background noise. Keep in mind, though, that if you have an Xbox One (or another model), you’re going to have to use an adapter with the headphones jack. Whether you're looking to get active in multiplayer games, start streaming your gameplay, or simply enjoy voice and video chat with a decent microphone … The headset’s microphone and audio drivers have been certified by Discord. The Shure GLXD14/SM35 is an incredibly reliable wireless head-worn microphone system with little to no dropouts. They provide a crisp and clear sound but this can be passed into FX or amps for more gain, saturation or reverb, etc. In addition to that, the carefully designed ergonomic shape of these headphones will keep you comfortable no matter how long your next session might be. Finding the best headset microphone depends on your criteria. Headphones, Wireless Headphones, Headsets, Microphones - Business Communications - Service & Support - Sennheiser Discover True Sound - Top-quality products and tailor made solutions for every … A little bit ‘Expensive yet... 2. We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. If you’re shopping for a wireless headset mic system for your next gig, stage show, or speaking engagement, be sure to check out Sweetwater’s impressive selection online. 4. As a standalone mic though, it’s acclaimed for its quality which comes at a rather inexpensive price. View The Best Wireless Microphone Below. The memory foam earpads ensure all-day comfort. This mic features a comfortable headset too which is stable and easy to fit. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates. This isn’t a wireless model and is instead a wired headset microphone. Obviously, you can move around freely with this microphone, whether that’s on stage or in conferences, classrooms, etc. Certified by Discord, with the Clear Cast microphone, you get a studio-quality sound as well as optimal noise cancellation technology. Logitech designed this device's drivers to deliver the environmental effects and positional audio just as the game designers intended you to hear them. Because unlike our other selections, this headsets PS4 abilities are beyond compare. The ATH-G1Wl has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a battery life of up to 15 hours as well. If you’re streaming, gaming, or anything in between, it’s easy to get good at your game and level up when you can immerse yourself with the right wireless headsets. Because unlike the Arctis Pro, these headphones don’t come with an extra battery or a transmitter base station. For singers, headset microphones must also meet the demands of dynamic live performance. Like the other selections, Logitech designed this headset with your comfort in mind. The days of stringing a wired mic around carefully on stage are slowly changing and now, a fresh breed of wireless microphones are taking their place which are reliable, high quality and adaptable to many roles. You might be asking yourself what is the best wireless headset microphone? This microphone has a smooth and natural frequency response which is suited to the human voice. Shure SLX2/SM58. Just in case you may not have found a good fit so far, we found another product that might just do the trick. And with closed-back headphones and 7.1 switchable surround sound, you’re going to hear those positional sounds, and immerse yourself in your game as the developers intended. And to top it all off, the headphones come with customizable LED lights which will flash nearly any color you can imagine — it really doesn’t get any cooler than this. With 7.1 surround sound, you get the ultimate immersive gaming experience for less than $50. It’s also designed to be tough and can be collapsed for easy storage. So, you’re probably wondering how the ModMic works — it’s simple. If you’re looking for a microphone system with expandability, the Sennheiser XSW 52-B XS Wireless Headset System or Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1101/H92-TH are both great systems. SteelSeries designed this product specifically with gamers in mind, and you can tell. You can pair other mics like the one included or different types of mics, like handheld wireless mics. While most of the gaming headsets on this list are great for everyone, this attachable microphone boom arm connects to any headphones and may be just what our resident singers are looking for. The best wireless gaming headset with a microphone on our list today is the Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless High-Fidelity Gaming Headset. Check Amazon Price. This is a dynamic hypercardioid microphone and thus, it will precisely pick up your voice without picking up background noise. I find Shure SM35 the best wireless microphone headset for multi-instrumentalists in live vocal performance. With an XLR, you can connect it to interfaces or pre-amps for amplification. Just imagine, not only hearing your enemy in-game, but also knowing exactly which direction they’re coming from. If you’re looking for the best wireless headset microphone specifically XSW 52-B is definitely the best from the best. SteelSeries engineered them to produce ultra-low distortion audio so you get to hear every detail. And if you use this headset with your PC, you also have the option to go into full-on 7.1 surround sound mode. The receiver also auto-switches for the best frequency on the fly, impressive! Some headset microphones are standalone microphones which can be plugged into a wireless transmitter, a USB interface or a pre-amp. And if that wasn’t enough, the Virtuoso also comes with three different connectors — wireless, USB, and 3.5mm — so it truly doesn’t matter what device you’re connecting to. You won’t need to find it manually, though, because it has an automated scanning process which finds an optimal channel with the lowest amount of potential interference. This selection is great for any gamers out there using their headset for a PS4. The 10 Best Wireless Mics 1,545 reviews scanned product comparison table # ... UHF Wireless Microphone System Headset Mic/Stand Mic/Lavalier Lapel Mic with Rechargeable Bodypack … So, if you’re a busy streamer hoping your online play may earn you some money, the Arctis Pro headset is a great choice for you. Slipstream is the preferred technology because it continually searches for cleaner signals, while Bluetooth will hold to one signal, whether it weakens or not. The Arctis 7s have a 2.4GHz wireless connection. Top 5 Best Wireless Microphone Systems 1. You can literally use it on your game console and your phone at the exact same time. When you’re at this price point, headset microphones do deliver a solid level of audio quality. This system provides really crisp and clear sound that is stable and defined. Learn more. However, you may also still use this headset while it charges with the included USB cable. Many people report this system works very well at good distances with multiple mics in areas like theatres, where there’s lots of potential interference. There aren’t many headsets with such versatile mics on the market, that’s for sure. The Audio Technica Microset headset is a great fit for almost any wireless headset purpose. These headsets’ abilities don’t stop there, thanks to the mic’s premium noise cancelling features. If you're a gamer and your favorite console is the Xbox One, Arctis optimized the 9X specifically to be the best wireless gaming headset for you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. On top of that, the machined aluminum headband is durable enough for even the angriest rage-quitter. Top 4 Best Wireless Headset Microphones for Singing Live: Sennheiser XSW 52-B XS Wireless Headset System (Editor’s Choice). Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up The earpads are breathable, and the headband itself is retractable for ultimate wearability. Our top choice for any gamers out there who love the Xbox One is the SteelSeries Arctis 9X. Keep in mind, this selection is just a microphone, so if you’re also looking for headphones too, another item on this list may work better for you. Basically, this means you can always find an interference-free channel for any space. These headphones are great because SteelSeries created them with the professional gamer in mind. It also includes removable ear pads so you can clean and replace them with ease. For old-school guys, we even included one very good wired model in our list of the best wireless headsets. Keep in mind with this selection, though, you’re going to get the best results if you’re gaming on a PC or a Mac. That’s quite a bold claim and the reality may be more like 5 or 6 but these are guaranteed to run easily and without much hindrance. BlueFire Wireless 4 in 1 Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone with LED Lights, Portable Microphone for Kid… Shure BLX288/PG58-H9 Wireless Vocal Combo is a high-quality wireless microphone that features two handheld microphones for impressive audio clarity while singing. Sennheiser EW 135P G3-G. 3. 7 Best Headworn Mics for Wireless Systems Review. Alvoxcon UHF single channel wireless headset/clip microphone system … Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1102. Luckily, the days of garbage headsets are far behind us. The G533 will work with a gaming console, but you won’t be able to get that 7.1 surround sound like you would if you were on a computer. Best Wireless Headset Microphones iMore 2020. It attaches directly to your headphones with a magnet. In terms of sound quality, this microphone delivers crisp quality from its cardioid mic. The XSW 52-B XS is a full package wireless mic system with the transmitter, receiver and headset included. On top of that, there is a dial right there on the headphones which you may use to give you as much control over your mix as you would have with the Pro version of this headset. Microphone Basics is supported by readers. It’s a great headset microphone for vocals or for home use, provided you can connect it up. Currently, the best wireless microphone system is the Shure BLX24R. BALILA Wireless Lavalier Microphone is a great selection that is designed for better performances. It provides a simple design in its solid design which fits comfortably. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up We’ll help you make the right choice. Slipstream is a new tech developed by a company called Corsair, and it’s a large part of the reason that the Corsair Virtuoso is one of the top headsets on this list today. Wireless Microphone Headset, New Upgrade Uhf Wireless Mic System, 165ft Range, 1/4''&1/8'' Plug, H… You won’t be able to plug this straight into a PC, though. This microphone is comfortable, portable and relatively inexpensive. This means musicians can walk the stage freely and play instruments. No microphone list is complete without a Shure microphone. Simply put, there’s nothing else out there right now that can compare. If you’re looking for the best wireless headset microphone specifically XSW 52-B is the best from the best. The Plantronics Voyager 5200 is one of the best, a standard earpiece with an … This headset microphone features 960 available frequencies for transmission, which is a seriously large amount – more than most mics like this. This wireless gaming headset is slightly less expensive than our top choice (around $140), but delivers nearly the same sound quality and excellence as the Corsair. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If you’re using this in a musical setting then you can obviously use FX later on the sound – it has a clean and pure tone. Wireless Headset Lavalier Microphone System -Alvoxcon Wireless Lapel Mic Best for iPhone, DSLR Camera, PA Speaker, YouTube, Podcast, Video Recording, Conference, Vlogging, Church, Interview, Teaching Color:Single Mic Gray. Operating in the globally unlicensed, globally unrestricted, and more future proof frequency band of 2.4GHz, the Audio-Technica ATW1101H92 is a great wireless headset microphone system for … The transmitter sends a signal wirelessly to a receiver which then converts this signal into an audio output for amplification or recording. Details. You see, with both a dual battery system and dual connectivity, these headphones will literally do it all, and you won’t even have to stop for a charge. First up we have something super from the experts at Shure. The noise cancelling microphone sports a highly-directional polar pattern to easily separate your voice from any ambient noise, as well as a flexible and detachable boom arm for maximum comfort. With that being said, if you’re looking for headsets for PS4, PC, Switch, and mobile, the full functionality of the Arctis 7 will be at your fingertips. Top Pick Best Wireless Headset with Mic: Corsair Virtuoso, Best Budget Selection: Runmus Gaming Headset, Best for PC Gamers: Audio-Technica ATH-G1WL, Best for Singing: Antlion Audio ModMic Attachable Boom, An omnidirectional polar pattern in the mic, 7.1 surround sound for an immersive experience, Corsair iCue software with pre-tuned audio files and custom equalizer settings, 50mm high-density neodymium speaker drivers for incomparable sound quality, Frequency range (headphones): 20Hz – 40kHz (double most wireless gaming headsets), Frequency response (headphones): 20Hz – 20kHz, Lossless 2.4GHz wireless connection for zero interference, Compatible with PC, Mac, PS, Switch, and Bluetooth headset phone, Hybrid-mesh construction to drastically reduce distortion, Noise cancellation microphone with on-board volume control, Omnidirectional polar pattern (microphone), ClearCast mic for ultimate noise cancellation, Frequency response (headphones): 10Hz – 40kHz, Dual wireless technology: connect through 2.4G and Bluetooth for ultimate versatility, Easily customizable transmitter base station with onboard volume, ChatMix, and equalizer controls, Frequency response (mic): 100Hz to 100kHz, Very low active noise with a retractable microphone, Frequency response (headphones): 20Hz – 220 kHz, AirWeave ear cushions and ski-goggle headband great for long-lasting comfort, Connects to Windows Wireless as well as Bluetooth for use on mobile devices as well as your console, Frequency response (headphones): 5Hz – 40kHz, Onboard volume, mute, and surround sound controls, Attaches easily and quickly to any headphones, Qualcomm aptX driver for lightning-fast connections, Selectable dual polar patterns (unidirectional and omnidirectional), Compatible with Mac, PC, Linux, and Playstation (anything with USB-A), Independent game and chat volume controls, Built-in monitoring so you may listen to your mix, Compatible with most devices (PS4, Xbox, PC, and mobile). It has a “de-essing” tone option that sounds amazing and makes the soundboard … The mic comes with some bonus features — it mutes automatically when you flip it into the “up” position, and there is even a “sidetone” which will allow you to adjust the volume of your own voice on the fly. No matter what type of gaming you may be up to, or which console or system you may be using, there’s a wireless headset that’s going to keep your session running smoothly. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. However, the battery life on these is still up to 20 hours, and you can use them while they charge. This headset features large-diameter 45mm drivers that Audio-Technica tuned specifically for PC and Mac. Hands-down the top selection for any of you with a PS4 will be the SteelSeries Arctis Pro. This wireless microphone system is much smaller and more compact than most of its competition. For singers, this microphone has a stable fit for singing drummers, keyboardists, and other instrument players. Brands like AKG, Audio-Technica, Nady, Shure, Sennheiser, and more all have plenty of … Most packages come with the microphone itself and then a transmitter and receiver. Runmus designed these wireless headphones to work across multiple platforms including PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo 3DS… thanks to a 3.5mm audio jack. There are many headset microphones on the market, some are expensive but many are now coming down in price. So, What’s the Best Headset Microphone for Singing Live? If you do everything over Bluetooth and want to keep one ear free, the classic mono headset is the way to go. It also includes a BLX88 … Ok, let’s take a look at our list and try to understand what is the best wireless headset microphone for singing live. We carry some of the best wireless headset microphone systems … It’s cardioid dynamic microphone so should filter background noise through its pickup pattern. Sennheiser has been amongst the top rank of microphone manufacturers for decades. This wireless headset is ideal for any gamers out there thanks to the low latency connections, lossless wireless audio, padded headphones, and 24-hour battery life. These headphones contain a 50mm driver, just like our top choice. Whether you’re a gamer, podcaster, or just spending more time on Zoom, audio quality matters. Thanks to a pair of precision-tuned 50mm neodymium drivers in the headphones, you’re going to hear everything from the smallest whisper to the lightest footsteps easily. You can even remove the pads for easy clean-up. This setup has the microphone, transmitter, and receiver in its neat package. 1) Discover Adapt 30 - Wireless microphone headset system 5. Besides this, the product is ideal for use with smartphones, DSLR cameras, and XLR camcorders … Check Sweetwater Price. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The receiver comes with modern fail-safes for monitoring interference between multiple mics. Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8. Then, the receiver plugs directly into your PC, Mac, or gaming console, provided it has a USB-A receiver. It’s more of a stealth mic system, with no monitor headphones, much the same as the Sennheiser but even more discreet. The receiver is powerful with all the modern tricks like automatic optimal frequency scanning. This client-oriented product is good in everything … It’s easy to use, you just need to plug the mic into the transmitter which is usually mounted at your waist, connect to your receiver and you’re good to go. Shop for wireless microphone headset at Best Buy. The replaceable battery lasts for up to 15 hours, and you can wear them while they charge. No matter what type of work you do, these wireless headsets with great mics capture stunning and dynamic audio, easily. If this is the first time you’re purchasing or using a wireless headset with a microphone, remember that usability is … It’s cheaper than the Sennheiser and its receiver can handle 10 simultaneous channels – so 10 mics, with reportedly small amounts of interference. It has a dual antenna design, which decreases the chance of dropouts or interference. In this section you will find Headset Microphone Wireless Systems from many of the top names in the audio industry. The 2.4G added to the Bluetooth connectivity, as well as the ClearCast mic, guarantee studio-level sound quality on a wireless gaming headset that also guarantees an immersive experience unlike any other. To be honest, you just can’t split these, they really are some of the best headset microphone available for their prices. You can plug this straight into an Audio-Technica UniPak Transmitter, though, so it can be used wirelessly! Now, there are hundreds of wireless headsets on the market… and many of them work on several consoles and devices. GTD Audio G-380H VHF – Best Wireless Microphone 2019. They’re versatile bits of kit which meet the demands of performance whilst also suiting themselves to other hands-free mic activity. This optimises its use for singing. This Sennheiser mic unit has a long range of 250 feet and the signal doesn’t drop quickly at its fringes. For standalone mics, both entries here weigh in as great microphones which can be hooked up to systems or used as wired mics. Still not sure what’s the best wireless headset microphone for singing live? That’s exactly what you need and it does the job very well with tons of extra features and expandability. Our selection for the best gaming headset for less than $100 is the Logitech G533.PC World said, “the G533 is probably the best-sounding wireless headset at this price.” Keep in mind with this selection, though, you’re going to get the best … And with a price point just over $100, you can’t go wrong. Sennheiser XSW 52-B XS Wireless Headset System (Editor’s Choice), Sennheiser XSW 52-B XS Wireless Headset System, The 5 Best USB Microphones For Streaming and Gaming (Reviews - 2020), Best Headset for CS:GO and FPS Gaming (Reviews - 2020), The 7 Best Turntable Mats of 2020 (Reviews), The 9 Best Guitar Capos of 2020 (Reviews), The 5 Best Earbuds Under $100 (Reviews – 2020), Some receivers have two antennae, with one serving as a backup in case signal drops, Some microphones for performance are more stable and comfortable on the head, Many sets come with receivers which can accommodate multiple microphones, Some are very discreet and feature just a microphone whereas others incorporate monitor headphones. Posted on January 6, 2016 June 7, 2016 by Peter. These are arranged in banks which allows you to transition between channels easily. The Arctis 7’s also happen to contain one of the most popular microphones in gaming. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest wireless microphone systems since 2016. It has an XLR connection so it can be plugged straight into hardware for recording or amplification. The Best Wireless Gaming Headsets for 2020. PC World said, “the G533 is probably the best-sounding wireless headset at this price.”. If you decide to go with the Corsair, Slipstream products will work with your BlueTooth consoles and devices. 12 Best Wireless Microphones review 1. The flashing LED lights on the side mean that you will look pretty cool the whole time, too. Fortunately, manufacturers can now create microphones that perform this job well. Keep in mind, however, that the wireless headphones on this list that come with Bluetooth connectivity deliver the highest possible connection speeds, so you aren’t compromising since you already love that tech. Microphone sound absorption and reflection. If you’re using a PC or a Mac for your gaming needs, the Audio-Technica ATH-G1WL may be the best headset on our list for you today. You can’t easily split them. You see, much like the Arctis Pro for the PS4, you may use these with your gaming system and your mobile device at the same time — thanks to the installed Xbox Wireless and BlueTooth connectivity. It filters below 200 Hz, removing unnecessary muddying bass and extends up to 18Khz with a crisp high end. Our selection for the best gaming headset for less than $100 is the Logitech G533. Headset microphones now rival their traditional counterparts and though you can spend thousands, there are some great sets that cost under $500 for the entire system. And with onboard mute, volume, and surround sound controls, you get to switch up your mix without having to pause the game. Sennheiser EW 135 G3-A-US handheld cardioid EW system – An Ideal choice to handle versatility … With the on-ear ChatMix control, you won’t even have to pause your game to adjust the volume. And with a detachable noise cancellation microphone, it’s easy to communicate in-game or record audio as you play (or work). When you buy with our links, we may earn a commission. As mentioned, this can handle multiple sources and pass them out through one output. You can eliminate a great deal of background noise and the frequency response is designed well for the human voice. Condenser microphone … Of course, no headset is complete without a way to trash talk noobs, and this device does not disappoint. Headset Microphone Wireless Systems. If you’re a singer, and you want to keep your hands free, this Antlion Audio ModMic is an attachable boom microphone designed to turn any pair of headphones into a headset.

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