Cancellations (0) Outfitter Specials (0) Species. Before commencement of the safari, clients are required to complete and sign a safari contract and a general information sheet. When they move off, they do so in single file, so your chance may come then when they stop. We believe in the spirit of fair chase in all your hunting endeavours and our stance on conservation through hunting is evident by the abundance of game on our hunting areas. Travel cost to South Africa of between $1500 – $2500. Visit the Perfect Hunt to to watch more amazing hunting … This … If you do make POR for a bontebok trophy fee, make sure it is cast in stone, assuming you will be hunting that same year. Hunting Price List for South Africa and Zimbabwe for the 2019 season. South Africa’s Eastern Cape offers the great advantage of Malaria-free hunting, and in addition the abundant variety of over 40 species of plains game, including eland, black wildebeest, blue wildebeest, blesbok, bontebok, springbuck, bushbuck, bushpig, caracal, common reedbuck and many more. Ewe horns are thinner and more spindly, whereas the ram horns have obvious thick bases and are longer. 1 x 1 hunter: $3,177 . If the bontebok landowner is not officially registered to keep and allow the hunting of bontebok, USF&W will refuse permission for you to import the trophy. ... Bontebok. 25. 90 hunting trips from 37 outfitters starting from $1,520. He will probably already have the bontebok's close relative, the blesbok and all it's colour variants, so a bontebok will complete the set. Price distribution $ 1k $ 5.8k $ 10.5k $ 15.3k $ 20k. All our Bontebok comes from a closed breeding-herd from the De Hoop National Park, Cape Agulhas. In the 1960s their population halved due to disease, so they were moved to another area which is now the currentÂ, Federal Fish and Wildlife Permit Application Form 3-200-22 For Import Of Sport-Hunted Bontebok Trophies From South Africa, Permit To Import Of Sport-Hunted Bontebok Trophies From South Africa, African Hunter Shot Placement for Blesbok. 350. Direct offers from outfitters with a Best Price Guarantee. 2. However, some other costs need to be included. Yellow blesbuck, Crocodile, Red duiker, Genet, Leopard, Lion, White rhino price over request. Prior arrangement needed due to licence requirements. Great value for money and incredible hunting experiences. Big Game (0) Elk (0) Rocky Mountain Elk (0) Roosevelt Elk (0) Tule Elk (0) Deer (0) ... Bontebok (0) Bushbuck (0) … We are here to capture your entire safari experience for you This gives you a clue that the outfitter advertising bontebok, does not keep them on his property but must take you elsewhere to hunt one and the bontebok landowner's price is not fixed until there is a interested customer. Look for good horn length and thick bases. The import permit has a 1 year validity and if it expires before the trophy is due, you can always re-apply for it to be re-issued. Please choose the desired species from the trophy list and select between 7 to 14 days for your safari. However, if it has, you may want to take a. 700. 1800. It is also a CITES II species and listed as Endangered by the US Endangered Species Act (ESA). 450. Once the bontebok population was stabilised and thriving to reach the carrying capacity of the Bontebok National Park, they were translocated to suitable private game farms. Bontebok live in separate sex herds. The bontebok was indigenous only to the Western Cape province of South Africa, where like the blesbok, they roamed in huge numbers until hunted to near extinction in the early 1800s. A shoulder or pedestal mount would also be a great option. 1200. Long after you have left, you will still recall the warm welcome, professionalism and hospitality extended to you on your hunting safari and you will return soon. Note that bontebok ewes also have horn which are generally thinner. Stalk in as close as possible and be prepared for a fairly long shot of up to 200 yards. (The prediction for mid 2015 is already at sold per bontebok and if both Limpopo and Namibia accept Bontebok there will be not enough supply for all the demand and the prices will skyrocket – Might even go past Yellow blesbuck prices … The bontebok is … Bontebok is an expensive animal to hunt and there are several things to look out for before booking your hunt. 900. I have seen it jump from $1350 to $2300 and more with some Eastern Cape outfitters. The Baviaansriver conservancy is a 450 000-acre low fenced area 2,5 hours north east of Port Elizabeth and 3 hours north west of East London. Discount offers (13 hunts) Package trips (1 hunt) New trips (3 hunts) Hunting methods ... Price … It was formerly classified as. Looking to pick out the trophies you are after before your hunt. The body colour graduates from a light brown at the front darkening to a purplish black towards the rear. Occasionally they are POR (Price On Request) or they might be published as a price range, from US$2000-US$3000. Bontebok prefer open areas and tend to stand around in a herd, facing into the sun, so care needs to be taken when selecting the ram you want and waiting until he is clear of the others. Do not accept any dithering or maybes on the trophy fee. The rams are very territorial and often display dominance by strutting around and sparring with other rams. Daily rates are charged per hunting day, and not per night in camp. Baboon 500; Buffalo Price on Request; Bontebok* Price on Request; Common Blesbuck 500; White Blesbuck 800; Bushpig** 500; … The bontebok has appeared on the endangered list before, but game ranching in Southern Africa has brought his numbers back. 700. The wildebeest or gnu, as it is also known, is one tough antelope when it comes to absorbing lead. Prices include both Daily Rates as well as trophy Fees. Prices subject to change with extreme exchange rate fluctuations. Prices are valid from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2020. Both the bontebok and blesbok are grazing antelopes that spend their day feeding on short grass. Hunting season: Joined: … We boast Rowland Ward male animals for hunting … Helping Mother Nature Preserve our Wildlife, Find more bird species under our trophy animals. Browse a selection of bontebok rifle hunting trips. View all hunts. Bontebok rams are larger than the ewes but in general appearance, both sexes have pure white facial, stomach and rump blazes. 30 Nov 2021, Interested in this animal? Trophy Fees $850. 1 Jan 2020 2 x 1 … The bontebok was indigenous only to the Western Cape province of South Africa, where like the blesbok, they roamed in huge numbers until hunted to near extinction in the early 1800s. Our animals are bred on a satellite-facility and moved to Langkop when strong enough. The Bontebok is related to the common Tsessebe. $ 12 … Occasionally they are POR (Price On Request) or they might be published as a price … Specials. At the South African end, when a hunting client expresses a wish to hunt a bontebok, the landowner must apply for aÂ, If you definitely want to hunt a bontebok, you must ensure that the hunting area, on which you aim to hunt the bontebok isÂ, Bear in mind, if you see bontebok on an outfitter's trophy list, he may not actually have them on his own property.

bontebok hunting prices

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