The emotional signs exhibited by a cat that has been intentionally mishandled or abused can vary greatly from those found in a cat that has been hurt in a fight, or a cat that has hurt itself by accident. The girl had a scratch on her nose and a sore behind and her brother had a sore behind and bleeding toe and wouldn't stop crawling along on his tummy (when I found him I thought he may have been run over). You may notice that your cat acting strangely after a fight. ©2020 Hearst UK is the trading name of the National Magazine Company Ltd, 30 Panton Street, Leicester Square, London, SW1Y 4AJ. They should take her to the vet asap. Cat got attacked / had fight and won't stop hiding ... please help! Injured Cats Will Also Hide Away. Cats withdraw suddenly from life and hide the day away when something is just not right in their universe. Cats in surgical recovery may experience temporary behavioral changes. Reluctance to move. There is no reason to break a play fight if it continues at this level. To calculate your cat's breathing rate, count the number of times your cat's chest rises (inhaling) or falls (exhaling) in … For example, one cat may confront a strange dog by hissing, spitting, and puffing out his fur to make himself look big. ... but it was after a dog fight? A lot of things can happen to a cat after they went through an altercation with another cat so here is what you must know about cat behaviour after fight. As an automatic mechanism of the body, the third eyelid will appear to cover the cats’ eyes to protect it. How long after being scratched/bitten can I wait to go into the vet? He hates strangers and is very shy I think it would stress him out to much to take him to the vet. They declawed her as a kitten. The two cats exploded into a full fight, up on their back legs, screaming. Either way, moving kittens around to different locations is normal behavior. Knowing which ones signal danger can keep you both more comfortable. They will normally cause severe abscesses which can appear soon after a fight. After cat fight, my cat is hiding/missing in vacant home. The fact she is so shocked, hiding and hissing after several hours (plus limping) means she is probably in pain rather than just frightened. 15th August 2012 19:30 Hey - my husband found our little cat outside this morning lying on the path outside the door. Wrap a towel or a coat around the pet and bring them to the nearest vet if they have some of the problems mentioned above, but if the wounds are not on the face, neck or abdomen and aren’t bleeding excessively then you can use some warm water to clean them first. Hi, my cat hisses,bites,growls,licking her paws,flicker her paws,and runs to hide after playing and touching her front paws and back. I took them to the vets and they both got a shot of antibiotics and painkillers and were much better after that although the little girl had to go back a week later for longer lasting antibiotics as she was still a bit under the weather. My two got into a fight recently with the neighbour's cats - all six of them had circled upon the two of them. it was pitch black so i couldn't see anything, i only heard screeching, hissing, and growling outside my window. The fact she is so shocked, hiding and hissing after several hours (plus limping) means she is probably in pain rather than just frightened. I am guessing she will need to go to the vet to get any bites/scratches attended to. Learn the basics of cat wound care to help your cat immediately after an injury and while she's recovering from veterinary treatment. My cat was in a fight with another cat on Friday night. We rescued her a few years ago from being abandon by her previous family. For example, after kittens open their eyes and begin to walk, they will start to play energetically. Train a Cat to Use the Toilet- The Easy Way. If the cat was attacked by a stray you might want to notify the authorities or if the other pet has an owner then you should definitely inform them about the incident. The most common post-surgical cat behaviors are the result of anesthetics still coursing through your kitty's system hours later. If the hiding is due to an event then your cat should return to normal after a few days but if it is due to an illness or pain they may need to be checked out by the veterinarian. As the wounds are healing, check on them and clean the area with warm water and soap from time to time. Forums > WOL Furry Friends > Cat injured after fight; is hiding in bush and won't come in. Recognizing an Injured Cat. Caring For Your Animal in the Aftermath of a Fight Follow your veterinarian's instructions. Glad to hear she's on the mend. How bad was the fight? Behavioral change in a cat is highly dependent upon the type of injury that it sustained. If you or another human was injured when trying to break up the fight assess the injuries which can be life threatening and if there are any then call 911 right away. Your cat may be sleepy, inactive, \"out of it\" -- in a word, she's … If you’d like to join in, please sign in or register. If they are sure she has been in a fight she will probably have been bitten --> absesses. I took her to the vet on Saturday morning and she was cleaned up, given pain killers and antibiotics but the injuries only seemed to be superficial. After the … Big mistake. ... Make sure the cat has food, water, and a litterbox in the bathroom and leave him be for a while . I broke up the fight, but my cat was spooked and wouldn't come to me, so I haven't had a chance to look her over. Nutritional supplements and pheromones may help with stress and fear but medications may be needed to treat an illness or pain. Some cats love to hide in boxes or paper bags that you leave lying around the place. If you see symptoms of lethargy, heavy bleeding, puncture wounds, swellings or lumps on their skin or if the cat is limping then you need to take the cat to a veterinarian to assess the damage. My cat just got into a fight with a neighbor's cat. These might lead to some restrictions for food, water or exercise and also their interaction with other pets might not be recommended for a while so take measures for each of these steps. It is still recommended to go to the vet since you might not notice everything they do. Due to extremely acute hearing, both cats and dogs tend to be naturally terrified of loud noises such as thunder, fireworks, gunshots, or even a car backfiring. Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Then the absess arrives! Some cats move their kittens nearly every day, while others only do it if they get frightened or disturbed. last night (around almost exactly 11:00 pm), he snuck out of the house and got into a fight in my backyard with another neighborhood cat. She was not moving and obviously in pain. Reaction to palpation (touching) Withdrawn or hiding. A disease we worry about in cats that get stressed and won’t eat is called Fatty Liver Disease – or “Hepatic Lipidosis“. The last thing you want to do after your cat had a fight is offer them a new trauma by scolding them. Rogue User Posts: 6101. After reviewing the most common reasons why our cat is acting weird, one other thing we need to take into account is their stage of life. If your cat stops breathing, perform CPR immediately. Even if the aggression was with another cat, the fact that the cat went through a fight is as traumatizing for them as it would be for us. Behavioural signs a cat is dying: Hiding; Changes in cognitive function such as confusion ... but with the added complication of wanting to fight for our cats, clinging to hope and not wanting to let go, it becomes a very complex and difficult decision. It might surprise you but many cat owners don’t realize that the cats they adopted don’t get along and the tensions can lead to aggression. Kitten. A lot of things can happen to a cat after they went through an altercation with another cat so here is what you must know about cat behaviour after fight. Keep in mind, any one of the 25 signs of cat pain listed below are sufficient to diagnose pain. Both were very traumatised. Female cats tend to hide a few days before giving birth. How old is your cat and how long have you had her? Fleas Lots of cats do this as an instinct of survival. A naturally timid cat may be afraid of many things and spend a lot of her life in hiding, while a naturally confident cat will be less fearful and will usually recover more quickly from scary events. It is also quite possible that since he is hiding because he is injured. That's because their wild side is programmed to avoid showing weakness. It might surprise you but many cat owners don’t realize that the cats they adopted don’t get along and the tensions can lead to aggression. All Rights Reserved. Sending your furry best friend into the operating room is stressful under any circumstance. We came home late and she scarpered out the cat flap, obviously very spooked. Lameness (limping) Difficulty jumping. Often the cat will then seem to be fine for a few days. Not knowing what to expect while your kitty's recovering can make this even worse. It’s often in a dark, cozy place, like under the bed, or in the back of a closet where a fallen coat can provide comfort and warmth. Also these symptoms happens when during cold weather. Common reasons why your cat may cower and want to avoid the public spotlight include one or more of the following conditions: a medical problem, pain, fear or stress. However, the breaths will be shallow. Cat was taken to the vet's yesterday evening (they had to do the old towel trick to get her in the basket. Cat hiding behavior is not unusual and is a normal feline response. In some cases, however, a cat or dog can take off in search of safety if there is a perceived threat in your environment. In this case I don’t think your cat is being finicky – just stressed but the information in this article has tips on getting cats to … Some wounds will be immediately visible but others might not be noticed and can be just as bad. Clingy or hiding or changes in personality: A sad cat may lose interest in the activities that used to engage him, become reclusive, and hide. There will also be a rapid recovery to normal after play fighting and … X-rays might be required to see what went wrong if the cat goes through terrible pain but fractures are rarely present since cats don’t have so much strength. Listen now for interviews with the biggest soap stars and all the latest spoilers - available on every major podcast app . Cat fight wounds are relatively easy to treat with antibiotics if they are caught early. We once had a cat hide out for a couple of weeks after a (to him, at least) "terrible event". Cats can lose their dignity if they lose a fight and can sit and brood over things, also there may be some slight pain from the scratches and that may be why your cat is now quiet, this will pass. Your cat doesn’t need to be displaying all of these signs of pain for it to be a potential problem. Again, this is normal and quite fun for your cat. Only you know your cat and what is normal for him. As someone who is trying to give my kittens a twice a day for 5 days course of antibiotics id give anything to have had this option!! Registered in England. posted by HuronBob at 7:06 AM on February 19, 2012 . For example, if a cat has been badly wounded they may hide in silence. Another article that might be helpful is about “The Finicky Feline“. Introducing the Soap Scoop podcast! Thread starter ptotheatsign; Start Date Mar 7, 2017; Mar 7, 2017 #1 P. ptotheatsign TCS Member Thread starter. Out in the wild, moving kittens helps hide them from predators who might locate the babies by their scent. More quiet cats can become clingy or demanding and the fear of strangers that all cats seem to share can become heightened when a cat is sad. She might be hiding if she is injured and feeling vulnerable. Give them space if they need it and love during the rest of the time and make sure that you prevent these types of incidents from happening again. My cat got into a fight and has been hiding for 2 days he seem to have hurt his back can I give him asprin or some kind of pain med? Hope the cat is ok. As with humans, cats will change their habits during their lifetime. I have a bit of predicament … DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. Better safe than sorry with cat fights. That is important to prevent further altercations. i made an account just so i could ask this, ive been really worried about my cat the past 24 hours or so. Use drains, stitches, bandages or wound ointments, depending on the case and don’t forget about the recommended medicine such as antibiotics or painkillers. There isn't much point in them trying to examine her, cat bites are often invisible (even on pale cats) a few hours later. The hardest part of feline injury management is cats' tendency to hide their pain. Cat behavior is complex, so be patient. What have you done to try to catch her? Your main consideration is the scratches as these can easily become infected. Their emotions will be unstable at the time so check for signs of excessive fear or anxiety and try to give them more attention than before since that will help them heal. What happens after my cat has been bitten? 2. Joined Mar 7, 2017 Messages 6 Reaction score 1. Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by ... is that you take her to be checked by your vet,she may have an abscess under one of the injuries ,these are very common after a cat bite.The fact that she doesn't seem to want to eat would worry me. An injured cat will also hide themselves away so they can recover. If you notice any swells or fluid being drained in the area then a veterinarian should take care of those since they are signs of infection and antibiotics are recommended. When cats fight, they inflict deep wounds by biting with their canine teeth. A cat in shock will take more than 40 breaths per minute. was the vet sure it was a cat? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. These wounds can remain hidden by hair. But if your cat is hiding, make sure it is in a … A cat fight is actually a natural behavior, and the key to get a cat fight to stop is to understand why the cats are fighting in the first place. They will see you panic and they will do the same so if you remain calm they will also be more relaxed. He is a indoor cat a stray cat got in my house and fought him. Abnormal gait. Please let us know how she gets on. There are many stories of owners finding their cats tucked away somewhere in the garden and sometimes in the house after they have been hit by a car. Hiding in inappropriate spots . After a fight, they may get an injury somewhere in their body, including the eyes. Play fighting can, on occasions, escalate and any hissing or screeching could indicate that one is getting a little too rough for comfort. Cats who have been in fights with other cats should see the vet sooner rather than later. Anxiety & Fear Reactions Can Cause a Pet to Run Away. Cats fight for many reasons like fighting for territory, for female cats or just because of being aggressive.

cat hiding after fight

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