Uber’s former CEO Travis Kalanick built a hugely successful business, but an increasingly toxic culture … A company’s name and logo should spark immediate recognition whenever and wherever they appear. This time they had a simpler focus: movement. Give your employees easy-to-use tools and resources to make it easy to follow your new branding guidelines to the letter. Ride-sharing juggernaut Uber is all too familiar with checking on brand health. Use a style guide. Kraft When they revealed their new brand identity in 2009, the design community went crazy and eventually, the food giant relented and six months later, pretty much reverted to their original concept. Instead of pursuing a complex identity system, localized through color and pattern, we moved towards a universal ‘beyond-simple’ global brand. Creating an effective brand strategy for your business means you must consider how your brand connects you with your customers: A brand is a living document of not only what your company represents it also acts as a vital connection between your customers and your business. Successful businesses know that checking on brand health is critical if they want to stay profitable. You may already know of them from the 2012 Olympics logo. The timeline about Uber tells a handful of stories regarding the logo and its impacts. The 2016 effort wasn’t a disaster, but Respected design sites like UnderConsideration note the brand’s success at distancing itself from what came before: This new design is the most clear-cut example in recent memory of a company introducing a new logo to signal change and move away from very recent, very scandalous press. “It starts with new leaders, a better company culture, and improvements to our app…” Woiff Olins is the brains behind this rebranding endeavor. Specifically, Uber has developed something of a “take no prisoners” corporate culture over the years. Image courtesy of Uber. A pretentious design team, full of ego, won't got in detail since it's inappropriate to do this publicly. It’s important to equip your business with equally powerful strategies when it’s time for your own rebrand. With motions, transitions, and stories, Uber is breaking all the elements of dynamism with its new rebrand. The rebranding is part of a process of Uber redefining itself and transforming its purpose now that it has become a global brand, according to an Uber blog post on the news. Introduce your rebranding efforts thoughtfully and methodically. Why did they do that if they know it was going to be so costly? Uber’s former CEO Travis Kalanick built a hugely successful business, but an increasingly toxic culture had become a poison and tarnished the brand. Let’s take a look at why Uber rebranded, the lessons you can learn from their rebrand, and how smart businesses can do the same to protect their brand’s health and success. Uber’s lackluster brand experience. Here’s the 2018 logo rebrand: Why the 2018 rebrand … Most redesigns we have seen in recent years are part of positive momentum and while Uber surely has some of that going in its favor, this logo’s primary job is trying to get as many people as possible to put as much of Uber’s past in the past. New Uber rebrand of 2018. 11 months ago. Why did this happen? Uber’s lackluster brand experience. The line is part of the German national anthem and, unfortunately, is kind of associated with the Nazis since it was chanted at Hitler’s rallies. This one mainly is controversial since the last rebranding did make a lot of mess. Got an offer and ended up not joining. Uber’s true rebrand. Less than three years after rebranding, Uber has a new logo and typeface called Uber Move that’s designed to evoke safety and accessibility–not masculine bravado. 9 of The Most Important Rebrands. Estimated Cost: The rebrand of the Holiday Inn hotel chain was dubbed “the $1 billion rebrand”, all in all, a lot of money to spend on such a generic solution. The rebrand was focused around the idea of moving forward (and, aptly, forgetting the past). Uber’s new composition layout. Here are a few key branding tips that you should consider: Your business may not have to distance itself from the negative legacy Uber faced. Image courtesy of Uber, Uber’s goal with this project was to create a cohesive brand system described as “instantly recognizable, works around the world, and is efficient to execute.”. We’ve written in detail about effective rebranding strategies . Uber wanted to create a full brand experience, and they considered a broad spectrum of elements to craft it. Its highest growth areas are in regions outside of the US, such as Latin America and India, where Wolff Olins has a considerable depth of experience. Uber's new logo reflects the company's new-found focus on safety as much as it does the trouble late-night travellers had recognising its previous 'bits and atoms' icon. Nine years ago, a company called UberCab made a splash by letting you hail a car with your smartphone. They’ve been working tirelessly with the Uber Brand Experience Team and MCKL Type Foundry for the past nine months on this. Make sure your new branding is used consistently anywhere your customers engage with your business. “I’m so excited to write Uber’s next chapter with you,” Khosrowshahi said. An ex-employee documented and published cases of sexual advances from a … Significance of Uber rebranding. What a well thought out and detailed style guide. Uber’s new logo is the foundation of a substantial rebranding effort – one that incorporates a sense of mobility, accessibility, and friendliness not found in previous iterations. If you opt to use any trademarks, logos, designs, and/or other brand features, you acknowledge your acceptance of the terms in the brand guidelines. New CEO Dara Khosrowshahi introduced himself to customers with a reassurance that he would bring the company a fresh start: I’m so excited to write Uber’s next chapter with you. Your brand lives in everyday interactions your company has with its prospects and customers, including the images you share, the messages you post on your website, the content of your marketing materials, your presentations and booths at conferences, and your posts on social networks. The need to rebrand was clear: without a complete brand overhaul, Uber risked totaling its business. Incorporate your new logo or a related brand message everywhere you can.

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