The bat can also determine where the object is, how big it is and in what direction it is moving. [3] A single bat can eat more than 600 bugs in one hour, which is like a person eating 20 pizzas a night. They can fly up to 10,000 feet (3,048 m) high and reach speeds up to 60 miles per hour (97kph). If your attic is a suitable roost and accessible, they’re … This is simple to figure out. Bat fly, any insect belonging to the two families Nycteribiidae and Streblidae (order Diptera). A bat locates insects by emitting ultrasonic "chirps" and then listening for echoes from the bugs. The physics behind it are somewhat complicated by the composition and design of the baseball. Suppose a bat chirp has a frequency of 25 kHz. They are occasionally referred to as; squirrel suits, bat suits, or bird man … Wingsuits are fabric apparatus that a human wears during a skydive or BASE jump to slow freefall rate and increase forward speed. The bat can tell if an insect is to the right or left by comparing when the sound reaches its right ear to when the sound reaches its left ear: If the sound of the echo reaches the right ear before it reaches the left ear, the insect is obviously to … [2] Average nightly flight times were 3.5 h, with the bats covering estimated total distances of 30–50 km/night. They must drop 2 or 3 feet before they can fly. Bats and birds, the only two vertebrate fliers on Earth, use their wings very differently, according to scientists who observed small, nectar-feeding bats flying through fog in a wind tunnel. They are external parasites of bats. b)In what direction would the bat have to fly? Members of the family Nycteribiidae are wingless, spiderlike insects with long legs and a small head that folds back into a groove in the thorax when at rest. Clearly, vagility and movement patterns cannot be fully predicted from morphological traits such as body mass alone, but require a thorough understanding of the bats’ behavior. I can only imagine some poor woman had a random encounter with a bat to start this rumor. a)How fast would the bat have to fly for you to just barely be able to hear the chirp at 20 kHz ? The ball off the bat can exceed 130 miles per hour. The best pitchers can throw approx 102 miles per hour. It really doesn’t matter much what the ball is hit with…baseball bat, tennis racket, golf club, whatever. [7] A small colony of bats can eat over one ton of insects in one year, or more than 600 million bugs. Putting up a bat house will not encourage bats to move into your attic. Bats can eat fast, too — the brown bat can eat up to 1,000 small insects in just one hour, according to the Defenders of Wildlife organization. the ball can come off the bat faster than the initial pitch from the pitcher. As if nature really needed to endow vampire bats with anything more unusual than the ability to fly and a propensity to drink blood, the creatures have been found to sprint along the ground, too. Choices: -away from you … Bats do not hunt you down to jump in your hair and get tangled.