From Venezuela to the UK, via America and Uganda, activists, midwives, mothers, doctors and lawyers are coming together to offer rights-based solutions to the problems in maternity care. In the case of Ternovszky v. Hungary, the Court acknowledged that more is at stake in childbirth than the right to survival, the right to access healthcare capable of … What it means and how it differs from legal rights, and the landmark European case that defined the human right of the birthing person to make their own healthcare decisions. Forced interventions in childbirth is a basic misconception of the human rights of pregnant women. The theme is “Birth Is a Human Rights Issue,” which is also the theme of our Summer 2010 magazine. Rebecca is a recognised birth doula, offering support to birthing women and their families in London and East Kent. It is time to start a revolution in birth. November 21, 2016 (Reblogged from @thebirthguru) Recently someone asked the question on the MatExp Facebook page about if there was any kind of role for someone who was an advocate for womens rights and choices in childbirth. Clearly, it is time for an awakening in birth. In December 2010, the European Court of Human Rights held that childbirth is a human rights issue. International human rights frameworks highlight disrespect and abuse during childbirth as an important human rights issue and can aid women’s health advocates in raising awareness and developing policy initiatives on the importance of respectful maternal care. Overview of three primary avenues for recourse plus most recent important lawsuits. You are part of that revolution. by Robin Lim | September 1, 2016. Supporting every mother's rights during the birth of her child | Check out 'Human Rights in Childbirth' on Indiegogo. The nightmare of “prenatal scare” instead of prenatal care has mothers-to-be crying after visits with the Ob/Gyn. Emphasizing the rights of women to dignified, respectful healthcare through pregnancy and childbirth. Enforcement of Rights. Human Rights in Childbirth. I truly hope you can join us there for this pioneering event. I feel so sad that that is even a question but we can’t ignore that it is. She was nominated for Doula of the Year 2014. The care that women receive during pregnancy and childbirth intersects with the rights to physical integrity, self-determination, privacy, family life, and spiritual freedom. References: United Nations General Assembly; Human Rights … And yet, across the globe, women’s human rights are compromised and violated around childbirth. The human rights in childbirth movement is gathering pace and followers across the globe. Human Rights in Childbirth. Women do not lose their basic human rights once they become pregnant. Rebecca Schiller is Chief Executive of the human rights in childbirth charity Birthrights and a media spokesperson on reproductive rights and birth related issues. A pregnant woman is not a thing from which an insentient object should be extracted. Human Rights in Childbirth: A Basket of Stories. The Spotlight on Human Rights in Pregnancy and Childbirth Aug 26, 2018 Human rights instruments have always provided the means to protect the full spectrum of reproductive rights available to women, pregnant or otherwise. Mothers worldwide are crying out for respectful, gentle maternal health services.