First of all, Kawai ES110 digital piano is designed to be as portable as possible. I give priority to touch & feel rather than pads or extra functions. In accordance with the GPL license conditions, the source code for this software is provided below. I didn't really have time to test everything but I admit I am quite disappointed with the quality of this digital piano. Kawai has released their newest ES series piano at the NAAM Show of 2017. The ES110 features Harmonic Imaging sound source with 88-key piano sampling. compatto ES110 si adatta perfettamente ad ogni tipo di ambiente. I open a different thread in this forum where I got great feedback here: Pocket price. KAWAI ES110. * HML-1 designer stand also required. Setup Memorization| Save upto 4 sound setups you made and access it easily. From a power standpoint, the power supply ES110 boats 14 watts of power consumption which is a little bit of an upgrade from where the ES100 was, the very popular model that preceded this. Compatibility: Requires iOS8.0 or later. You MUST know this before purchasing a digital piano, Kawai ES110 Review & Comparison & Best Price, Casio AP470 Review & Comparison & Best Review, Responsive Hammer Compact (RHC) Weighted-key Action, Harmonic Imaging™ (HI), 88-key piano sampling, 3 Song Recorder, approximately 15,000 notes memory, Touch Curve, Voicing, Damper Resonance, Damper Noise, Fall-back Noise, Temperament, Temperament Key, Effect On/Off, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8 (Volume/Tempo adjustable), Alfred’s Basic Piano 1A /1B, Burgmüller 25 (Opus 100) lesson songs, Transpose, Tuning, Split Balance, Dual Balance, MIDI Channel, Local Control, Transmit PGM#, Multi-timbral Mode, Speaker EQ, Speakers On/Off, Auto Power Off, Bluetooth MIDI, Startup Setting, Factory Reset, Transmit MIDI Program Change, MIDI Channel, Local Control, Multi-timbral Mode, Bluetooth MIDI, MIDI (IN/OUT), LINE OUT (L/MONO), Damper (for F-10H), Headphone x 2, Music Rack, F-10H Damper Pedal (with half-pedal support), Music Rest, AC Adaptor, Owner’s Manual, ES Bag (soft case w/casters), HML-1 Stand, F-350 Pedals. The ES110 is the latest addition to Kawai’s highly respected series of portable digital pianos, combining our class-leading authentic keyboard action and piano sound technologies within a lightweight, affordable package. Kawai ES110 Digital Piano It doesn't have USB port, but you can use the MIDI standard port, line-out it's a very welcome option. Kawai has released their newest ES series piano at the NAAM Show of 2017. Below you can listen to the main instrument sounds available on the ES110: The ES110 … They used their Kawai 9′ grand piano and they sampled individual keys. These decades of experience afford our engineers a wealth of knowledge from which to create stunning digital instruments, in a quest to perfect the art of the piano. The Kawai ES110 portable digital piano combines a realistic 88-key weighted and graded keyboard action and rich piano sounds within a lightweight, affordable package. 4. Pro performance. Ein exzellenter Einstieg in die Portable Piano Modellreihe von Kawai. Weighing just 12 kilos, the ES110 is ideal for gigging musicians looking for a portable instrument with authentic touch and high quality sounds. 3. Additional reverberation effects that simulate the acoustic environment of a recital room, live stage, or concert hall are also applied, with settings to adjust voicing, sympathetic resonance, and other acoustic characteristics. Le Kawai ES110 est fabriqué d’une manière très solide, et doté de la technologie sans ressort qui lui permet un mouvement régulier et très souple vers le haut et le bas. The result is a rich, vibrant piano tone that delivers breathtaking realism and authenticity. With a remarkable weight of only 26 lbs, it is perfect for the gigging musician who’s constantly travelling, or it can be installed permanently at home with its stand and pedal board, as a practice piano. This unique process accurately recreates the broad dynamic range of the original grand piano, affording pianists an extraordinary level of expressiveness ranging from the softest pianissimo to the strongest, boldest fortissimo. * A software update may be required in order to utilise the Virtual Technician app with CN37, CA97/CA67 v1.05+ and CP Series (CP1/CP2/CP3 v1.04+) instruments. Once paired with a phone or tablet, ES110 owners can easily expand the piano’s functions using a wide range of music apps – without the need for any extra cables or adaptors. Damper Resonance, Voicing, Hammer Fallback Noise, Damper Noise, 7 Beats + 100 Rhythms, Tempo and Volume adjustable, Alfred’s Basic Piano 1A/1B, Burgmüller 25 (Opus 100) lesson songs, Bluetooth (Ver. But only black is available in USA, Warranty| Kawai offers 3 years parts and labor for ES110, Kawai ES110 / Kawai ES110 Review / Kawai ES110 Best Price / Kawai ES110 Comparison & Function – Digital Piano Best Review. Dankzij het hamermechaniek van de ES110 ervaart u het kenmerkende gevoel van een akoestische vleugel. The technology implies that each key of the piano is sampled individuallyto preserve their unique tonal characteristics. For information about the open source software license, please refer to the license agreement in the source code. Il nuovo ES110: un’eccellente introduzione alla serie di pianoforti digitali portatili Kawai ad un prezzo attraente. Het hart van de ES110 wordt gevormd door het rijke en expressieve geluid van de Kawai EX concertvleugel. Kawai’s IOS app “Virtual Technician” allows players to connect their apple device to their piano and control parameters and settings more conveniently. While nothing can capture the elegance of an acoustic piano from a visual standpoint, this one looks quite good when compared to other digital pianos but as a musical instrument in general, it is quite plain looking. Shop for the Kawai ES110 Portable Digital Piano and receive free shipping on your order and the guaranteed lowest price. Its portability comes at a price though as it looks a bit plasticky with limitations in terms of features such as the lack of a screen, However, its light weight gi… Things to be wary of before purchasing digital piano online. What further improves the responsiveness and control of the key movement is the placement of the dual sensor. Kawai 5 year manufacturer’s warranty; An excellent introduction to Kawai’s portable piano line-up. Bluetooth 4.0 connection| Now players can connect their ES110 to a smart device via bluetooth. 4.0; GATT compatible), Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI Specification compliant, Transpose, Tuning, Speaker On/Off, Reset, Auto Power Off, Send PRG change, MIDI Channel, Local Control Mode, Multi Timbral Mode, Line Out (L/Mono, R), MIDI (IN/OUT), Damper (für F-10H Pedal), Headphones x 2. I received my Kawai ES110 two weeks ago. It is all about functionality and as it is advertised as a replacement for a stage acoustic piano it might not look the part. The ES110 digital piano offers the touch and tone of a fine acoustic piano in a lightweight and affordable portable digital piano package. The keyboard action of this piano uses several hammer weights for each range, and provides balance when in use, while preserving the keyboard control functions to gi… As with Kawai's large console instruments, the F-350 triple pedal bar replicates the damper, soft, and sostenuto functionality of a Kawai EX Concert grand piano, further enhancing the ES110's acoustic piano-like authenticity. There are no fancy curves or contours and it is quite simple looking. Transform the ES110 into an ultra-compact piano replacement suitable for any room with the matching HML-1 stand and F-350 triple pedal accessories. Kawai ES110 Digitale Stage Piano X-frame Pakket, Wit - De lichte en compacte Kawai ES110 digitale stage piano heeft alles wat u nodig heeft om als muzikant vooruit te komen. The options There are built-in recording features and a metronome, plus integrated Bluetooth MIDI, lessons, and our own powerful Virtual Technician software to craft your perfect piano sound. With sampled notes from the Kawai EX concert grand pianos, it comes with three-note recording, which changes depending on the way you touch your keys. I would like to be able connect the Kawai to my Linux PC (Linux Mint) either through MIDI output or Bluetooth LE for recording and composition purposes. Kawai Piano Review: ES110 Portable Digital Piano This Kawai portable digital piano is a wonderful entry into the world of digital pianos. 2. 5. di peso, è uno strumento abbastanza leggero da poter essere spostato ovunque con grande facilità. Several things have changed from the previous model ES100: Bluetooth, new action, lighter weight, and effect control but keeping the unique sound of Kawai. The ES110 is the latest addition to Kawai’s highly respected series of portable digital pianos, combining our class-leading authentic keyboard action and piano sound technologies within a … An excellent introduction to Kawai's portable piano line-up. Kawai CA99/CA79 Open Source Software. You should really practice on a graded weighted keyboard and with this one you could transition to playing a large grand and have almost the same feel. The positions of the key pivot point and the hammer pivot point give the keys a light and responsive action. However, its realistic, acoustic-like touch will also appeal to more experienced players looking for a second piano for after-hours practise, or to simply enjoy a little music away from home. The ES110 is the latest addition to Kawai’s highly respected series of portable digital pianos, combining our class-leading authentic keyboard action and piano sound technologies within a lightweight, affordable package. Kawai uses actual hammers instead of springs, which creates a more realistic feeling to the keys. The 88 keys on the Kawai ES110 are weighted and graded. Kawai ES110…Unbeatable Tone and Touch The ES110 combines a new graded hammer key action, new speaker system and 88-note piano sampling to offer an unbeatable piano experience in a low cost, lightweight portable instrument. Internal Speaker| Can be turned on and off separately, Recording| Kawai ES110 has 3 song/1-track recorder, Rhythm section|Kawai ES110 has 100 drum rhythms to support most of the basic plays, Touch| Responsive Hammer Compact (RHC) Weighted-Key Action, Voice| Kawai ES110 has 19 voices including E-Piano, organ, string, bass, and harpsichord, Accessories| Music rack, F-10H Damper Pedal (half pedaling supported), Music rest, AC adaptor, Owner’s Manual, Color| Unlike previous model ES100, ES110 is available is white and black. The ES110 digital piano captures the beautiful sound of Kawai's highly acclaimed concert grand piano, with all 88 keys of this exceptional instrument meticulously recorded, analyzed and faithfully reproduced using advanced Harmonic Imaging technology. Please visit the support pages at (CN37, CA97/CA67) and (CP Series) for further information. Featuring 88 grade-weighted keys, the ES110 keyboard responds just like a real grand piano, and is therefore an ideal choice for beginners seeking a starter instrument on which to learn. 14 watts, when it’s configured properly and delivered through a solid stereo speaker system as is the case here, is enough to fill a small room. * Available in matching Stylish Black or Elegant White finishes. The ES110 digital piano captures the beautiful sound of Kawai’s highly acclaimed concert grand piano, with all 88 keys of this exceptional instrument meticulously recorded, analysed and faithfully reproduced using advancedHarmonic Imaging technology. My very first objective is to learn to play piano, that's why I already ordered a Kawai ES110 that should arrive this week. Home / Products / Digital Pianos / ES Series. Kawai has been crafting musical instruments for 90 years, maintaining traditional processes while embracing the very latest technical innovations. I think the ES110 is a great value for a serious student. The format is a slim portable digital piano with great sound quality, and the Responsive Hammer Compact III action makes it a joy to play. Ce modèle vous propose donc une expérience de jouabilité très naturelle et très authentique. The piano sounds in the ES110 are sampled from the Kawai 9-foot EX Concert Grand Piano, but in order to recreate various nuances of sounding Kawai used different recording methods and equipment for each of the 8 piano sounds. Le toucher réaliste du modèle doit son aspect au clavier Responsive Hammer Compact, qui a été conçu pour reproduire le toucher d’un piano à queue. Ist spring-less technology and sturdy construction delivers consistent upward and downward motion for a smooth, natural, and highly authentic piano playing experience. Special thing about Kawai ES110 is that the key sensor is located under the middle of the key instead of under the tip of the key. The other instruments or voices are superb too, built in speakers are very good, but obviously better through headphones or connected to a external sound system. Kawai ES110has 88-keys fully-weighted keyboard, and uses the newly developed Response Hammer Compact keyboard action. Inoltre, con i suoi soli 12 Kg. Lesson Function| Kawai ES 110 has Alfred’s Basic Piano 1/A, 1/B, and Burgmüller 25(opus 100) lesson. This system allows Kawai ES110 to response faster than other similar priced digital pianos. Moreover, the impressive ES110 also offers a variety of useful features to complement its authentic keyboard touch and rich grand piano sounds. Click here to get the best price for Kawai ES110! The ES110’s brand new Responsive Hammer Compact keyboard action has been developed to reproduce the distinctive touch of an acoustic grand piano. Dedicated Line Out jacks allow direct connection to mixers and PAs, with the ability to leave the built-in speakers enabled for use as local monitors. Kawai ES110 Portable Digital Piano. The CA99/CA79 digital pianos contain software licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Depth: 11 1/3" (28.5 cm); Width: 51 2/3" (131 cm); Height: 5 3/4" (14.8 cm); Weight: 26.5 lbs (12 kg); The ES110 digital piano offers the touch and tone that you would expect from a fine acoustic piano but in a lightweight and affordable portable digital piano package. The built-in lesson function, with adjustable metronome and song recorder, is an invaluable tool for aspiring pianists, while additional instrument voices, Dual and Split playing modes, and 100 drum rhythms allow players of all levels to indulge their creative spirit. With its sturdy construction and spring-less 2-sensor technology, it offers a steady motion to give a natural, smooth, and real performing experience due to the RH action design. This recreates the real piano’s touch and feel. Kawai ES110 / Kawai ES110 Review / Kawai ES110 Best Price / Kawai ES110 Comparison & Function – Digital Piano Best Review. Featuring the Responsive Hammer Compact keyboard with 88 grade-weighted keys and Kawai’s unique Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology, the ES110 delivers a realistic and highly-enjoyable musical experience. The Kawai ES110 sounded the closest to me. Das ES110 ist das neueste Modell der angesehenen portablen Kawai Digitalpianos und verfügt bereits über viele Ausstattungsmerkmale der Premium Modelle, in einer leichten Bauweise zu einem attraktiven Preis. In addition to standard MIDI ports, the ES110 also boasts integrated Bluetooth MIDI, allowing the instrument to communicate with smart devices wirelessly. Imaginative concerns of online digital piano purchase. This is especially disappointing consideri… Click here to get the best price for Kawai ES110! As earlier mentioned, the Kawai ES110 Portable Digital Piano offers excellent touch response keys with the graded hammer standard and the 192-note polyphonic characteristics. Kawai ES110 Digital Piano. ES110 leverages many of our most powerful technologies to bring the sound of the EX Concert Grand to the reach of beginners, students, and performers alike. Helpful learning and practice tools include a built-in lesson function, metronome, and song recorder. Purchase standards of in-store digital piano customers.